The Podcast

We believe in the soul. We believe in the power within. We believe in choices, accountability, and transcendence. We are four women here to serve those who seek a path of meaning. Providing guidance and support deeply grounded in reverence for the soul's journey as you awaken to The Self.

Jaya means victory over ego. Jaya leads to success for everyone, and to a more equitable society. Jaya is not the story of war but rather the futility of war. It's about how morality is a subtle art. It is a moving treatise on connecting with the higher self before one decides to conquer the world or how conquering the world doesn't bring one peace and happiness unless the ego is won.

As eternal students of life, we come together here to share what we have learned. To unveil all that has been swept under the rug. To unhinge the closet doors and shed light on the secrets life compels us to keep. To bring awareness, options, and guidance for what arises as we illuminate the darkest corners of ourselves.

Join us live on Facebook Friday mornings at 7am as we discuss a myriad of topics revolving around personal growth. The live broadcast is uploaded to iTunes immediately following the show.